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Cool Movies to Check Out!
Inferno999's Dreamcatcher! A boy who gets a dreamcatcher must save the Dream Dimension!

Contact Thibo1102 if you would like a movie of yours to be listed here.

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Last month's featured movie is: Dreamcatcher

Featured User
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1. How does it feel to be this wiki's very first Featured User?

It feels great! I'll just leave it at that!

2. What got you into Disney?

The very first movie I watched: The Incredibles. And Disney Infinity, too.

3. Who do you feel is your best friend on this wiki?

Everyone here. It's not fair to just choose.

4. What is your favorite Disney movie and favorite character?

My favorite Disney movie is an upcoming movie called "Inside Out". Watch the trailer. MY favorite character there is Anger. Again, watch the trailer.

5. Do you like this wiki and its users?

Yes to the users! I guess I like the wiki too.

6. What is your favorite movie on this wiki?


7. What is your favorite character on this wiki?


8. How could this wiki be improved?

Can we have more users? 

9. As the founder, are you happy with your responsibility and the respect you get from it?

Yep. Although I try to be a fair founder.

Featured Hero

Vote now!  Last month's featured hero is: Roger from Blind's movie Frozen: The Next Generation!

Featured Villain

Vote now! Last month's featured villain is: Belinda from Blind's movie Frozen: The Next Generation!

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