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This is the novel that the movie [[Dreamcatcher]] is based on. Although not being a Disney book, this is the only place I can put it.
{{Inferno999}}{{Dreamcatcher}}This is the novel that the movie [[Dreamcatcher]] is based on. Although not being a Disney book, this is the only place I can put it.
==Chapter 1==
==Chapter 1==
"I know you're there, kid. I sense fear." A voice said. It sounded like two rocks clashing against each other.
I flinched every time I heard the clack of pincers. He was so close. In a few seconds, he would turn around the corner and...
"Got ya!"
Wrong wall. I wiped the sweat off my forehead, and started sprinting around some turns and deeper into the dark labyrinth.
"This is just a dream." I said, knowing the scorpion was on my trail. "Just a dream."
"This isn't a dream," A scratchy voice behind me said. "It's a nightmare. And a nightmare you won't wake up from."
"Who are you!?" I shouted, my voice starting to sound like a five-year-old's.
"I am Scrax." The scorpion replied, the black scales on his back starting to glint with the little light in the maze. "Leading nightmare. Second-in-command of Ragnarok, great overlord of the Dream Dimension. Now, let me kill you, and please, don't -"
I felt like the walls were closing on in, slowly crushing me. The voice didn't help. It sounded like someone scraping sandpaper with a rock. "I know you're there, kid. I sense fear."<br />I felt petrified with fear, but fortunately, the footsteps... clawsteps... of the beast seemed to fade away. I swept around the walls of the maze and crouched down in the foetal position. "He's gone... finally."<br />
"Wake up, King!" A voice from the outside shouted, cutting into my thoughts. I groggily opened my eyes, to find that my teacher was looking sternly at me.
"Not by a long shot, kid."
"I'm so sorry, Mr. Jackson. It will never happen again."
The creature looked even more gruesome up close. His black scales glinted in the dim light of the labyrinth. Beady, pupilless eyes gleamed with a blood-red colour and a tail rose up above his head.
"You're darn right, it will never happen again. School's over. You better move, or it's quadruple detention for you."
Confused, I glanced at the watch on my right arm. "7:30!? You've got to be kidding me!"
*[[Diana]] makes a much larger role in the book than the movie.
I grab my stuff and start running even faster than my feet could carry me.
I was more than out of breath when the front door of my house opened. I threw my bag onto the carpet and miserably fell onto the couch. My mum came up and saw me slumping.
"What's wrong, Max?" She asked, sitting down next to me. "Why are you home so late?"
"I... I had another nightmare at school. Missed almost half the day."
"I'm sorry to hear that, Max." She put her hand on my shoulder. "But I have a nice surprise for you."
"What?" I asked, my head jumping up. I loved surprises.
"Ta-da!" She announced, pulling something out from behind her back. It was a ring made out of wood. There was a spider web in the middle and feathers hung from the bottom. There were even some beads attached to it.
My heart fell a little when I saw it. "What is that? Some kind of Christmas decoration?"
"No," My mum said, still sounding a little enthusiastic. "It's a dreamcatcher! It's designed by Native American tribes to keep away bad dreams. If anyone needs one of these, it's you, Max."
"That's just some kind of superstitious thing. Do you really think it works?"
"You never know until you try. Just hang it up in your room. If you have another bad dream tonight, we're throwing out the dreamcatcher. However, if you have a good dream, or at least a neutral dream, you know who to thank."
"Okay. I'll try it. What's for dinner?"
"Oh, right!" She said, remembering dinner. We may have some stuff in the fridge."
"Ice cream?"
"I don't know about ice cream. Maybe you can have it in your dream."
"Yeah, right." I got up. "I can go without dinner for one night."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. I'm sure. I'm gonna try out that dreamcatcher. I wanna see if it's junk or a miracle worker."
I ran up the stairs and into my room. The dreamcatcher was hanging on my doorknob, looking anything but magical. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

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