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Frozen: The Next Generation
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Predecessor Frozen
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Frozen: The Next Generation is the newest movie in the Disney franchise. This movie is a generation down from the memorable Disney movie, Frozen.


A young boy sets out on an adventure to kill the evil Ice Queen, for enslaving the whole village, killing his father, and cursing his older brother.


Roger He is the main protagonist in the movie. He is an eleven-year-old home schooled nerd who is the son of Elsa, now married. He finds out about the Ice Queen, and how she is responsible for the death of his father and the curse of his brother. He has the extraordinary power of becoming the Ice Avatar, by remembering and "feeling" horrible memories from his past.
Elsa Elsa has grown up and is married to Prince Henry, an ice prince who is now deceased. Because she is grown up, her ice powers are a little rusty. However, she somehow genetically passed down her powers to Roger, and helps Roger find it by remembering his horrible memories.
Mary Beth She is a ten-year-old villager who ran away to stop the Ice Queen. Roger first met Mary Beth when she was frozen in a meadow (Mainly because she wasn't wearing a jacket.). She helps Roger change his brother back from being an Ice Golem, and has a crush on Roger. 
Jimmy Roger's older brother. He is a fifteen-year-old boy who ran away to try to kill the Ice Queen. However, the Ice Queen cursed Jimmy and turned him into an Ice Golem. He was reversed back to his human form by Mabel and Roger, and joined them as they confronted the Ice Queen. 
Belinda She is the Ice Queen, and the main antagonist in the movie. She has done a lot of things to the hamlet of Hindleville. She burnt Prince Henry to death and cursed Jimmy by turning him into an Ice Golem. She has also locked the hamlet in an endless winter.
Prince Henry He takes the role of the fifth position character. As Roger, Mabel, and Jimmy were about to confront the Ice Queen, Henry appeared to them in the form of a ghost to explain to to them what to do to destroy her.


  • Hindleville (Where the movie starts. This is also the home village of Roger, Jimmy, Elsa, and Henry.)
  • Crystal Meadow (Where Mary Beth is found frozen.)
  • The Ice Castle (Where Mary Beth, Jimmy, and Roger fight Belinda.)


Roger, an eleven-year-old home schooled nerd wants to put a stop to an endless winter, caused by Belinda, the wretched Ice Queen. Belinda has done a lot of horrible things to the hamlet of Hindleville, but she has been most mean to Roger and his family the most, having killed Prince Henry, who is Elsa's husband, and cursed Jimmy, Roger's older brother. Having found an extraordinary power of turning into the legendary Ice Knight, Roger sets out on an adventure with his mate, Mary Beth, to destroy the Ice Queen and bring back summer.