Good, Bad and Stranded

This is episode one of Shipwrecked.


"Wh-what happened?" asks Vincent, who comes out of the water, coughing heavily.

"Where am I? Who the heck are you people?!" asks Kai who also comes out.

"I-I don't know."

Everyone starts asking and saying all at once.

Theme Song Plays

"The ship? Wh-what happened with the ship?!" asks Vincent.

"Th-that captain! What's wrong with tha-that captain- he can't steer!" says Kai "Shit! I'm late for my trade!".

"Wh-Wha-" says Arjan, but get cut by Vincent.

"Captain, what have you done with the ship?" he asks.

"No-ow, good." says Arjan.

"Is that the captain?!" asks Kai.

"I.. Uuhm... He-hello, I'm Arjan, and you are?" asks Arjan.

"Yeah I'm Vincent, but what did you do with the ship captain?" asks Vincent.

"We all wanna know that." says Kai.

"Now... There was suddenly comming a message on the screen and... Huh, no... we were, we were with 150 people, where is everyone?" asks Arjan.



  • Kai
  • Arjan
  • Vincent
  • Revee
  • Peter (No-Lines)
  • Moe (No-Lines)
  • Yoris (No-Lines)
  • Walter (No-Lines)

Original Episode

MineCraft ShipWreck -1 - Goed, Slecht en Gestrand!
MineCraft ShipWreck -1 - Goed, Slecht en Gestrand!
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