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Pitch Black is an upcoming Disney movie made by Blindsighter101. The movie revolves around a young boy who is afraid of the dark, and believes there is a monster in his basement. His older brother is assumed dead after he is sent into the basement and never came back.


Riff: The main protagonist in the movie. He is an eight-year-old boy who spends all of his day out in the sun, or in a room where there is light. His older brother, Riley, is assumed to be dead, after their mother sends him into the basement, and has not come back out for three years.

Riley: The second position protagonist. Riley is the dead older brother of Riff. He is revealed to be dead after Riff finally walks into his dark basement and appears to him as a ghost. He is brought back to life after Nightmare resurrects him.

Janelle: The third position protagonist. Janelle is the stressed mother of Riff and Riley. She is blamed by Riff for the death of Riley, because she sent him into the dark basement. Whenever she is not blamed by Riff, she is constantly grasped onto by Riff. If neither of the two is happening, she is seen working or sleeping.