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Ronny The Rat is a movie made by Thibo1102.


Ronny notices that the cheese he just bought has gone missing, he searches for the cheese through the whole sewer system, but finds out that the cheese isn't his only problem.


  • Ronny the rat
  • Henry the hamster
  • King Snail
  • Chef Gourmet Porcupine
  • Sandra
  • Crissie the mouse
  • Richard the rat
  • Slug the slime
  • Larry the lobster
  • Freddy the frog


Ronny gets up, he walks to the kitchen.

"Where's that cheese?" asks Ronny.

He opens the fridge but the cheese is gone.

"Wh- what? I swear I put that cheese here!" says Ronny.



  • This was once a real game I was making, but all the files got erased when GameStudio updated.