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The Animated Kid: The Movie stars The Animated kid in his big movie.


The Animated Kid and his friends must save the world from the evil Dr. Unknown.


  • The Animated Kid (Real Name: Sam, or Cody... Its not really mentioned) The funny, random hero of the film.
  • Firefly (Real Name: Jayden) The dark mysterious trigger happy friend of the animated kid
  • Cheeseballs the Hamster The animated kids pet hamster.
  • Boomer (Real Name: Leon) The Nerdy, Crazy, Explosive obsessed friend
  • Kickstart  (Real Name: James) The Sporty, Nerdy, Friend with a sqeaky voice.
  • Digger The Pixilated Friend of the animated kid.
  • Dr. Unknown The Villian.
  • Burger and Bumper The Twin Robot Henchmen of Dr. Unknown
  • Computress  Dr. Unknowns robotic computer.
  • Turtle Bear A Good guy of the story and the animated kid is his No. 1 fan!