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The Soul Stone is an upcoming Disney Movie about a young wizard student, whose master disappears while attempting a daring magic trick. The student must use all of the magic tricks he has learned to find his master.


Blake: The main protagonist of the movie. He is a curious wizard student who wants to learn every magic trick he can learn. His curiosity either leads to a peaceful path, a dangerous path, or a disastrous path.

Wigor: The main antagonist in the movie. Wigor is a cranky witch, who wants to capture Razzle and force him to teach her his spells. At the moment, she only knows how to cast two spells: Bloodsucking Bats and Utter Darkness.

Razzle: The second position protagonist. Razzle is Blake's teacher, who disappears to an unknown world while attempting a dangerous magic trick. He is often annoyed by Blake and his questions, but still respects him enough to teach him.

Wisp: The third position protagonist. Wisp is a fast wasp who joins Blake on his adventure to find Razzle. Wisp often offers Blake great advice throughout the show, as his most specific one is to "stop asking so much questions". Blake also has a hilarious sense of humor, and often breaks the fourth wall.

Honey: The fourth position protagonist. Honey is a princess from a faraway kingdom where she is treated poorly, and hopes to find a better place to live. She meets Blake and Wisps during there quest, and has obviously feelings for Blake.

Dorfsword: The fifth position protagonist. Dorfsword originally served Wigor, but ran away when she treated him poorly. He meets Blake, Wisp, and Honey, and asks to join the team. They agree, and now Dorfsword is the bodyguard for the team.