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Hello, I'm Blind, and welcome to my small corner of Disney Movie Fan Wiki! Here on this wiki, and any other fan wiki, I create original characters, from a red/green flashlight wielding monkey to an anthropomorphic gas container. I love to create things form different games, such as Skylanders, Disney, Nintendo, and Nickelodeon. I always look foward to creating my ideas, and hopefully, you will, too. Here is a list of my top ten greatest OCs. I hope you all like them!

Disney OCs

  1. Roger (Frozen: The Next Generation)
  1. Belinda (Frozen: The Next Generation)
  1. Jimmy (Frozen: The Next Generation)
  1. Razzle (The Soul Stone)
  1. Bumble (The Soul Stone)

Skylander OCs

  1. High Voltage
  2. Soda Pop
  3. Skate Punk
  4. Laughing Stock
  5. High Tech
  6. Slapper
  7. Brain Buster
  8. Hot Glue
  9. High Pitch
  10. Sky Rocket

Nickelodeon OCs

  1. Josh Blondo (The Paperboy)
  2. Jake Wazowski (Jake on the Box)
  3. Sally Lively (Jake on the Box)
  4. Troy Stumo (Jake on the Box)
  5. Dipper the Dog (The Paperboy)
  6. Dylan Ryan (High Way Patrol)
  7. Margaret Fallon (High Way Patrol)
  8. Luke Bryan (High Way Patrol)

Nintendo OCs

  1. Otto the Monkey (Police Pursuit)
  2. Bubble (Police Pursuit)
  3. Jaw Breaker (Frog Hop)
  4. MII Shapeshifter
  5. Bopper (Dancing Adventure)
  6. Twister (Dancing Adventure)
  7. Puller (Dancing Adventure)
  8. Shouter (Dancing Adventure)