aka Miles or Lucas

Bureaucrat Walt Disney
  • I live in the magical Disney world of A known place in Skylands called Easy-On Island, in a hidden home that looks like a mountain.
  • My Disney adventure began on October 23
  • In the Disney world I am a A Shapershifter, who takes the form of different species, genders, and personalities in different worlds of video games. (Skylanders, and Nintendo, mainly.)
  • I am a The Bridge Between Skylands and Earth hero.
  • Blindsighter101

    Alright alright alright. Now, where I live, at the time of writing, a video for Disneu Infinity 3.0 was just put on YouTube 10 HOURS ago. Now, the video was about ELEVEN potential Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box characters. I can't show you the link right now, but I can tell you the eleven figures.

    • Mulan (From Mulan)
    • Classic Mickey Mouse (From Mickey Mouse)
    • Minnie Mouse (From Mickey Mouse)
    • Anger (From Inside Out)
    • Fear (From Inside Out)
    • Disgust (From Inside Out)
    • Joy (From Inside Out)
    • Sad (From Inside Out)
    • Olaf (From Frozen)
    • Sam (Tron)
    • Quorra (Tron)

    The youtuber did make an error in the video when he that four Inside Out characters, but all five protagonists are on there.

    Now this could not be a real leak, as people tend to steal prototypes and sell them. I …

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  • Blindsighter101

    My Challenge

    February 7, 2015 by Blindsighter101

    Well, well, well. It appears that I have been challenged to an Imagination-Off! (by Inferno999)

    This is my chance to prove I have a great imagination! WOOT WOOT!

    Come my February Vacation, I will contribute to this wiki for NINE DAYS STRAIGHT (Starting February 14 and ending February 22), and in those eight days, I will make nine NEW movies. Get ready for an IDEA OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, this might be canceled, as my parents like to surprise me, and we end up traveling. But I'm sure I can take my computer.

    And by the by, these movies will be ORIGINAL. Not like Frozen: The Next Generation, but eight ORIGINAL MOVIES!!!


    February 14, 2015: By Blind, for Valentines Day, a movie has been created. Somethings in this movie incl…

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  • Blindsighter101

    Close the Wiki?

    January 25, 2015 by Blindsighter101

    Hello, everyone (and by everyone, I mean the three people who besides me)

    I come with you with sad news. I may close the wiki. This wiki is getting nowhere.

    But I'm not saying I will juuuuust yet. What do you think the idea should be? Close the wiki or no?

    I just wanted to create a wiki that everyone would like. Not everyone likes Disney, though. And all other fanon wiki's have been taken, unfortunately. 

    So what do you think?

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