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  • I live in the magical Disney world of Rembis
  • My Disney adventure began on March 3
  • In the Disney world I am a Myta Warrior
  • I am a Male hero.
  • Inferno999

    I am making a series of things, which gives information about my Disney Infinity world! Today I'm doing INterior. Got any suggestions?

    • Walls: Fantasyland
    • Floor: Agrabah's Palace
    • Trim: Beast's Castle

    The welcome hall of the INterior. Guests come in and out. There are four doors, one leading to my Secret Lab, another leading to the Rooms of Disney, the third one leading to my Random Rooms, and the top one leading to my Other Random Rooms.

    • Walls: Tomorrowland
    • Floor: Helicarrier
    • Trim: Tomorrowland

    By the fireplace, you can access the Secret Lab. This is where you can train your characters and other spy-stuff. Yay! The Secret Lab expands over three rooms. The Command Center, the Access Pole and the Communications Room.

    • Walls: Disney Infinity
    • Floor: Disney Infnit…

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  • Inferno999

    Check out what I did!

    March 19, 2015 by Inferno999

    This is better than anything else I've done! When you create a new page, look up, and you'll see some text. Press one of the links, and a whole thing will unfold for you.

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  • Inferno999

    Now you know there are only four of us. But there needs to be more!

    I'd like you to do anything you can to attract visitors. It can be on different websites, or different wikis, or tell your friends...

    Inferno out!

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  • Inferno999

    Welcome to the second movie review! Today I review Big Hero 6, which I tched last night.

    I know its based on an actual comic book, but in the words of my dad, "I don't really like superheroes, but they put it together really well.


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  • Inferno999


    February 1, 2015 by Inferno999


    Sorry for caps. But I do think that we should all work together to make a movie.

    We all have our strengths, and if we combine them together, we will make the ultimate team!

    If you're in, comment!

    The plot is decided! 4 kids were stranded on an island, where an animal war is happening. Having found out they have powers over water, earth, fire, and air, they mst stop the animal war and survive against the wild. Thank you, Blind.

    Next up. We need the characters! We have 4 kids. One will be made by each of us.

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