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We're Animals - Deal With It is the first episode of The Shapeshifters.


(It opens on a wolf running through the forest.)

Harry: See the wolf? That's me. Do not worry, I'm not going to eat you. It's annoying how many people say that. I just turned into a wolf. Doesn't make sense? Well, let me start from the beginning. In Ancient Greek times, there was a hero called Periclymenus. He was an Argonaut, with this guy called Jason, blah, blah. He went on a quest and got a power from the sea god Poseidon. He could turn into animals, and now it's gone down in the family kind of like a genetic thing. See the big guy raiding the pantry over there? That's my dad. He can turn into a lion, but instead of "king of the jungle", he's "king of the kitchen". My mother, kind of over-protective. We refer to her as Mother Bear, which describes her like that. My brothers, Sam and Jack. Twins, always fighting, and always squirrels. My older sister Brianna. Will never get off her phone, so she's a parrot. The only animal that can talk. So she can keep talking when we have to save the world. Did I mention we do that? Then there's my older brother.